Red Door Playhouse

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Summer Camp

This Summer 2016 we journey to Animalium, a Secret Civilization where Animals roam free, and each species reigns over their unique Kingdom. Register Online Today.



Improv Breakfast Club

Improv Show!

Next Show: Saturday Feb 13 @ 8:00pm.This Saturday night, see us as you want to see us: a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess and a criminal.  Don’t miss our all new Spring Season. BUY TICKETS HERE $12 We are proud to use our PAPERLESS TICKET SYSTEM. Simply Click BUY NOW above, purchase




Virtual Tour

Take a look inside the Red Door Playhouse from the comfort of your laptop. It’s just like being there in person. Want to know what’s inside? Click HERE and Open The Door.




Saturday Art

Want to make something cool like this? Two amazing Art Classes can unleash your artistic genius. Thursdays @ 4:00pm or Saturdays @ 10:00am.



  • I could never have guessed at how bonded I would feel to my teammates, how much fun games could translate to useful life skills, or how much I would miss it when the class was up!

    S. Ballantyne
  •  I was just incredibly proud to be up there with you all Friday night... I couldn't imagine that show having gone better, especially for our first one!

    E. Benson
  • I want to express how much I got out of the class. The Grad Show really was the best part. I still can't believe I walked onto a stage in front of so many strangers with no idea of what I was going to say.

    C. Olney