Homemade Radio Show

New Music for Kids &  Families

Hear Our New CD “Homemade Radio Show” on Sirius XM Radio channel 116 Kids Place Live! Listeners have made our first single ‘Cucumber Canoe’ the longest running song on the weekly Top 12 countdown, with a span of over 30 weeks! Thanks for all your support.

Inspired by  a 1940’s radio hour “Homemade Radio Show” will bring families together like the good  old days, when  listeners tuned  in to their favorite weekly  Radio shows. We’ve combined a wide variety of  musical styles like Classic Rock, Blues, Gospel, & 70’s Funk with brand new stories about Super Heroes, Aliens, & Cucumber Canoes.  Listen for new sounds like Ukuleles, Banjos, Glockenspiels and Sitars as we continue to create a New Generation of  Rock Music for Kids.

Price: $15

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