After School Drama

Spring Classes 2018: Registration Closed

Our unique Drama Classes challenge young actors to Write, Create, Design & Perform their own plays from scratch. Students explore Acting, Voice, Movement, character development, storytelling, teamwork, and creativity through fun interactive Theater Games, as they collaborate on creating their own original play from scratch. *Reg Deadline : Friday Jan 19, 2018 

Spring Classes run Jan 23- May 11, 2018  (Program cost $300/ 14 weeks)


Beg Drama  (ages 5-8)  TUES  4:00-5:30pm  (SOLD OUT)

This fun introductory class encourages performers to tell stories in many different ways from games to music, movement to puppetry. Then we challenge young actors to create characters and perform their own show.

 Advanced Drama  (ages 7-9) WED 4:00-5:30pm 

This Advanced class is for students who are ready for a bigger challenge. Students learn about scene work, blocking, acting technique, and character development, as they adapt a play from a popular piece of literature.



The Acting Lab   (ages 9-12) WED 6:00-7:30pm

The Acting Lab challenges theater scientsists at any level to combine many different forms into one experimental show. They may use Masks, Voice Overs, Puppetry, Melodrama, Video and other techniques to create an amazing theatrical experience. 

NEW! Renegade Theater (ages 12-15) THURS 5:30-7:00pm

This New class is designed for tween actors who have mastered The Acting Lab and want a bigger challenge. In this class actors will explore avant gard performers and playwrights who broke the mold, and adapt a play from a novel or book series. They must present the story with unique staging and unexpected twists, and break way outside of the box. (Pre Req: Acting Lab)


Teen Ensemble  (age 14-18) TUES  6:00-7:30pm (SOLD OUT)

This Advanced class offers HS students a chance to work on a professional play that defies expectations. Imagine a Shakespeare parody or a Monologue collection, a Minimalist drama or Absurdist Comedy. This class prepares High School actors for a professional weekend run. (Pre Req: Renegade Theater)

MainStage Co.  (by audition only) THURS  7:00-9:00pm

Our professional training program where HS Juniors & Seniors team up with local actors to create a unique Repertory Company. The Cast collaborates on Two Mainstage shows per semester. This is our highest level of conservatory training and offers professional resume credits. By recommendation/ audition only.

Program Cost: $300/ 15 Week Session

General Class Information

All class run one day a week for 14 weeks, show is on final class date

We cannot admit new students after Week 3 of class session

Students must be of age by Jan 1, 2018

We cannot offer Refunds, only credits

Final performances happen on the final class day @ 5:00pm in most cases.

We follow the Fulton County School Calendar for all breaks, etc.

Unfortunately, we can not allow parents to observe classes in progress.

We offer payment plans for your convenience. Contact us for info.

Please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns (770)649.9994

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