Halloween Funhouse & Show

Since Dorothy took over, The Land of Oz has become a dark and scary place. Ask The Witches and they all agree, Dorothy Must Die!

Bring your Family. Dress in Costume. Explore the Haunted Funhouse. See the Show…if you dare.

A modern tornado sweeps Kansas teen Amy Gumm into the Land of Oz. But it’s ten years in the future, and she discovers The Emerald city has changed for the worse. Dorothy has taken over the kingdom as a ruthless dictator, greedy for the Emerald Magic she craves. The Scarecrow, Tin Man, Glinda, and the Lion, have enhanced their gifts from the Wizard to an obsessive and terrifying degree. Meanwhile the Witches both Good & Wicked have banned together in an underground plot to bring down Dorothy and restore the rightful ruler to the Palace.┬áCan Amy Gumm, the other girl from Kansas, complete impossible task of taking Dorothy down? Experience the darker side of Oz this Halloween.

Based on the Best Selling novels by Danielle Paige.

One Weekend Only: Oct 27-29 @ 7:30pm

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