Summer Camp 2018

The Lost Island

Write. Design. Create. Perform

Our unique Summer Drama Camp is the only place in the city where young actors can Write an original play, Create original characters, Design Scenery & Costumes, Make a Movie, and Perform their show on the final day. And don’t miss One Amazing week of Art Camp. REGISTER TODAY! Camps Sell Out Fast.

Three Age Groups: (5-8 years / *9-12 years/ **11-14 years)



The Lost Island has been closed off to humans for decades. When signs of life are reported by shipwrecked sailors, the science community is shocked. When explorers discover Prehistoric & Extinct animals inhabiting the Island, more strange questions arise. Join an expedition to the Lost Island and meet the animals of a Bygone Era. Will they be friendly or fierce?


WOOLY MAMMOTHS (Ages 5-8) June 4-8: These gentle giants coexisted with early humans for years. They were vegetarians and their stylish curvy tusks were nearly 16 feet long. Elephants with great hair.

DODO BIRDS (Ages 5-8) SOLD OUT June 11-15:  These flightless birds had wings they could use for balance, and they walked tree branches like tight ropes. They had long chubby beaks and were very talkative.

SIBERIAN UNICORNS (Ages 5-8)  June 18-22: SOLD OUT More like a Rhino than a pretty pony, these rambunctious party animals could run long distances, and joust with their enormous battle horns. Whether they can harness the power of rainbows…still remains to be seen.

*SEA SCORPIONS (Ages 9-12) June 25-29: SOLD OUT  Beware of the largest invertebrate ever discovered. They can move from sea to land, and stand taller than a seven foot human being. Watch out for giant claws as these strange Monsters terrorize new visitors and unlock secrets to their cryptic oceanic origins.

IBEX ART CAMP (Ages 6-9)  July 9-13: NO DRAMA THIS WEEK as we explore many Island Art projects in painting, drawing, collage, photography and sculpture. Auction your artwork and raise money for the Island Preservation Society.  Just like an Ibex would do.

SABER TOOTH TIGERS (Ages 5-8) July 16-20: SOLD OUT These stealthy predators had 12 inch canines and could open their mouths to 95 degrees. They traveled in packs and loved to study cosmetic dentistry. But when a strange weather event threatens the food supply, the island gets a bit catty.

**GIANT SWANS (Ages 11-14)  July 23-27: Do not follow the flock of Giant Swans back to their hidden lair. Their sacred magic controls the island, and their illusive song & dance causes more than just hypnosis. The Island’s most shocking secrets are revealed when an ancient Queen’s feathers get ruffled.

*CAVE BEARS (Ages 9-12) July 30 -Aug 3: Beneath the Island explorers discover a vast system of tunnels where an ancient community of cave bears live and work in a strange subterranean utopia. All the puzzle pieces fall into place and the circle of life gets tested once and for all.

Program Cost: $320/ week



All Camps Run Monday- Friday, from 10:00am-3:00pm, Doors open at 9:50am

Final Performances are held on Fridays @ 2:00pm. Free to the Public!!

All Camp Registrations require Payment in Full.


Max Students: 25/ week.  Min Students: 8/ week

We provide Three to Four Counselors on staff each week.

Space is limited, so we are unable to offer sibling discounts.

We are also unable offer Before & After Care.

All Campers must meet the Age Requirements before May 1, 2018

Campers Should Bring: a Sack Lunch, A Water Bottle, comfy clothing.

REFUND POLICY: Camp Tuition is fully Refundable before May 1, 2018.

After May 1: We offer Camp or Class Credits Only.

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