Summer Camp 2016

Write. Design. Create. Perform

Our unique Summer Drama Camp is the only place in the city where young actors can Write an original play, Create original characters, Design Scenery & Costumes, Make a Movie, and Perform their show on the final day. And don’t miss our Amazing week of Art Camp. CAMPS SELL OUT FAST.  If the week you want is full, just email us info@reddoorplayhouse, and we’ll put you on the Waiting List, spots may open up closer to Summer.

Summer Camp 2017: Wild West Shakespeareshakespeare-cowboy-revised

William Shakespeare never got to visit the Wild West, but if you study his stories and characters, you’ll find Brave Heroes, Strong Women, Enchanted Animals and Evil Villains. We thought it’d be fun to throw his most famous works into the hot desert sand and see what happens. Saddle up Lords and Ladies, it’s gonna be a Wild Ride!  Mon-Fri 10:00am-3:00pm

Two Age Groups: (5-8 years / *9-12 years/ **10-14 years)


THE TEMPEST (Ages 5-8) June 5-9: (SOLD OUT)  A Wagon train of Magicians crashes in a secret canyon full of Strange Animals, Warriors & Fairies. Can magic help them survive?

AS YOU LIKE IT (Ages 5-8) (SOLD OUT) June 12-16:  The Sheriff’s lawmen get lost in the Cactus Forest. Cowgirls, Wrestlers & Animals plot a daring rescue mission. Clever disguises and mistaken identities run wild through the West.

ROMEO & JULIET (Ages 5-8)  June 19-23: (SOLD OUT)  Two families, Cowpokes & Clowns fight over the Rodeo until their Horses & Cattle start acting strange. Can an unlikely friendship bring enemies together?

*MACBETH (Ages 9-12) June 26-30: (SOLD OUT)  Duncan’s Burger Barn gets real famous, so the jealous MacBeth family turns to devious plans. Add some Kitchen Witches and a Tumbleweed army, and you know things get deep fried.

THE BARD’S ART CAMP (Ages 6-9)  July 10-14: (SOLD OUT)  Don’t miss our amazing week of ART CAMP.  Explore Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Murals, Photography, and other Mixed Media in Visual Art. Come get creative!

MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM (Ages 5-8)  July 17-21: (SOLD OUT) A Birthday Bash attracts Outlaws, Elves and Performers, until the Fairies change everything. If we shadows have offended think but this and all is mended.

**KING LEAR (Ages 10-14)  July 24-28: Railroad Giants battle scheming Cowgirls and Native Buffalo hunters until no one can Remember the Alamo!  A wild family drama unfolds deep in the heart of Texas.

*MERCHANTS of VENICE (9-12) July 31-Aug 4:  Cowgirls need Gold Miners help to save their struggling family Ranch, as greedy Bankers arrive to collect their debts. The rest is a high speed chase to the finish.

Program Cost: $300/ week



All Camp Registrations require Payment in Full, we cannot hold spaces without payment.

All Camps Run Monday- Friday, from 10:00am-3:00pm, Doors open at 9:50am

Final Performances are held on Fridays @ 2:00pm. Free to the Public!!


Max Students: 25/ week.  Min Students: 8/ week

We provide Three to Four Counselors on staff each week.

Since space is limited, we are unable to offer sibling discounts.

We are also unable offer Before & After Care.

Campers must meet the Age Requirements before May 1, 2017

Campers Should Bring: a Sack Lunch, A Water Bottle, comfy clothing.

REFUND POLICY: Camp Tuition is Refundable in full before May 1, 2017.

After May 1: Camp or Class Credits Only.

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